Massage is sometimes viewed as a luxury that we can occasionally treat ourselves to.  At Lotus Salon and Day Spa have established an amazing staff of Massage Therapists that are all well versed in the ability to identify what is happening in your body and help solve the problems so that you leave relaxed. Of course if you are scheduling a massage for any medical issue, there is no quick fix and like with anything else it takes time. Our massage therapists will work with your schedule to try and help you achieve a pain free life.

While massage is an amazing way to obtain relief from stress, there are many medical issues like Fibromyalgia, Sciatica Nerve problems, RSD/CRPS and normal body aches and pains that can all be helped with massage. If you live with any of the above mentioned medical issues you know that when flair ups happen you would do anything to achieve relief. Our Massage Therapists are all experienced with these problems and have very aggressive ways to treat them in a fast but thorough way. Obviously we can’t guarantee a complete cure for any of these issues, but we believe that regular massage will over time accomplish that in a natural holistic way.

Trigger points are the key to managing all of this as well as other pain that may be causing problems in your body. A trigger point is a hypersensitive area within a muscle that when pressed will cause pain. That pain is likely to remain in that area but can move to other spots. How does a trigger point happen? They happen when overuse or damage to a muscle creates a buildup of toxins which begin to calcify and creates a tender spot also known as a trigger point. Usually after a few minutes with an experienced Massage Therapist they can eliminate that trigger point and you will feel immediate relief of pain, have improved movement, have a healthier muscle and will feel more strength in the muscle.

  • Back pain and aches
  • Poor circulation
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis pain
  • Stress, anxiety and tension
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
The following is a list of the type of massages that are available. There are obvious reasons to feel a comfort level with the person you will be spending an hour of your time with so that you can relax. Massage requires trust on both parties in order to allow a peaceful Zen like experience


Swedish 60/90 min A classic relaxing massage that utilizes warm towels that stimulates circulation and removes muscle tension and stress. $60/90
Aromatherapy 60/90 min This massage stimulates the senses with our essential oils that enhance healing, stress relief and creates balance throughout your entire body. Helps release all stress and tension while balancing your mind and spirit. $60/90
Deep Tissue 60/90 min This massage is used to relieve muscle tension. $80.00
Sports 60/90 min Perfect for athletes of any age regardless of the activity. Excellent for all sports, working out, cross fit or any training of the body and mind. This massage will speed up recovery from your overworked muscles and will also create less discomfort going forward. $60/90
Hot Stone 60/90 min Melt away any tension or stress you have. $90/125
Hydroculator Deep Tissue 60/90 min Using hot pack heat therapy, your body is lined with sand filled heat packs that are heated to 160 degrees in circulating water. Once wrapped in a protective covering, the packs are strategically placed over your neck, back, legs or arms which will result in the blood flow rising to the surface of your skin and loosening of your muscles, the relaxing of your tissues and increasing circulation. $100/140
Pre/Post Natal 60/90 min This massage is geared to help expecting mothers rid their bodies of all stress while making sure to protect the health and well being of both mom and child. This massage will enhance circulation and mobility. *A doctors note must be presented prior to the massage that shows your doctor is aware and approves of you getting massages. $75/105

*24 hour notice is required for all cancellation or a $25 cancellation fee will be charged

**All minors must be accompanied in the massage room with a parent or guardian